About Bace Cybersecurity Institute 

The Bace Cybersecurity Institute was founded as an outgrowth of an industry initiative spearheaded by the late Rebecca (Becky) Bace. The “Critters” group brought together a carefully curated group of cybersecurity and business executives to take a closer look at the changes necessary to create a more secure cyber world. Over the years, the founding “Critters” members invited additional members to help expand our perspective and extend our reach. With the passing of Becky, we have launched the Bace Cybersecurity Institute to honor Becky’s memory and contribution to the cybersecurity industry and to continue the good work she launched with the Critters initiative. 


Meet our Members 

Our members are CEOs, CISOs, entrepreneurs, researchers, and technologist from across the business and cybersecurity industry.  

Diana Neuman 

Executive Director 

Thad Perry

Founding Member

Jean Pawluk

Founding Member