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A Day in the Life of...


A Day in the Life of...


Cybersecurity focuses on protecting organizations, large and small, from digital attacks by keeping information and networks safe. Experts have the ability to detect vulnerabilities and make recommendations that ultimately mitigate risks and develop best practices for maintaining their organization's security.

With organizations moving their security to the cloud, an increase in sophisticated cyber attacks, and the recent expansion of remote work, the need for cybersecurity professionals is also growing.

Join us on Wednesday, May 26th as we talk with cyber professionals across different functions within the cybersecurity space. Each individual brings a unique perspective and insight into what their daily lives entail.

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Our Speakers

Dorian James

Samira Pekmehr

Curtis McCormick

Manager of Security Operations at Security On Demand

Before beginning his new career, Dorian had 20 years of extensive military experience in the areas of training, project management, threat analysis and logistical planning solutions with international implications. A military policeman by trade, Dorian also spent nearly nine years protecting US embassies and interests worldwide. Using skills, knowledge and experience gained during this time, Dorian was able to successfully transition from a senior leadership role within the Marine Corps to become a driving force at Security On Demand. 

Intelligence Analyst at GroupSense

Samira discovered her interest with the cyber world during her graduate studies, learning about the intersection of technology and national security. Prior to GroupSense, she worked in open-source intelligence at a third-party risk management firm. Samira holds an M.A. in security studies from Georgetown University, and a B.A. in global security and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Virginia.

SOC Supervisor at Security On Demand

⁠Curtis McCormick is a SOC Supervisor at Security On-Demand. He has been working at Security On-Demand for a little over 3 years enjoying the challenging and rewarding aspects of day to day life. Currently residing in Southern California with his incredible wife and wonderful daughter, he enjoys spending free time with his family hiking. Curtis is an avid NFL fan and can be found always reading up on current news/events pertaining to the cybersecurity industry as a whole. 

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Webinar One 

⁠Responding to COVID-19 Changing the Cybersecurity Landscape 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a massive increase in cyber-attacks. In this webinar we discuss some of the measures people have taken to help those attacked while disabling some of the attacks. This is being done by companies and also by individual volunteers who have come together to create a taskforce to protect the people and institutions fighting these invisible attackers. 


Webinar Two

⁠Cyber Attacks Taking Advantage of COVID-19: Detailed Views 

In this webinar, we dive deeper into the discussion of new and evolving cybersecurity challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Webinar Three

What We Can Learn to Better Prepare for the Next One

⁠In this week's webinar, we discuss innovative methods we can use to gather a complete data set on these attacks, analysis techniques that might be useful in examining this data set and potential recommendations that will arise as a result of the analysis process, and what data is available now and why it's not enough.  We also touch on how you can get involved to help now and what we can do to prepare for the future.