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Advanced Botnet Research and How to Improve Cybersecurity Communication Through Marketing 


Advanced Botnet Research and How to Improve Cybersecurity Communication Through Marketing 


Join us to discuss advanced botnets from an active researcher in the field. Networks of attack bots that spread through automated attacks can cause widespread disruption and be used in a wide variety of different types of threats.

In order to help device manufacturers, users, and companies avoid attacks like botnets, it is important to bring cybersecurity information to a wider audience. We will also discuss how marketing techniques can be used to guide the distribution of cybersecurity information and help get the correct information to the right people. 

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Our Speakers

Erez Turjeman

Maria Rousan

Security Researcher and Software Engineer, Barracuda Networks 

Erez Turjeman is a security researcher and a software engineer at Barracuda Networks. Prior to Barracuda, he worked on various embedded systems at SeaPTec and Cisco, and he continues to help Barracuda in building secured software components and services to serve our wide varieties of customers. As part of the Barracuda Labs organization, he focuses his research on networked systems from IoT devices to cloud infrastructure. Identifying vulnerabilities in devices and the operating ecosystems they belong to is Erez's passion. Lately, Erez has utilized various tools and techniques to track, identify, and analyze the malicious threats in network and application security protection contexts. Erez holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Hebrew University.⁠

Co-Founder, Maika Global

Maria is a veteran marketing professional and messaging guru with a Masters Degree in International Business from the University of Wollongong, and two decades of campaign experience. She currently heads Maika Global, an international marketing and business development agency specializing in the cybersecurity industry. Her core strategy for Maika Global was to focus on market research, analytics, and ROI metrics for campaigns, allowing clients to see the fruits of their messaging in real time – a service offered by very few media agencies. The approach has paid off, quickly distinguishing Maika Global in the global marketing sector and attracting clients such as Port53, and Australia's TLR Communications, creator of the global Cyber War Games roadshow.

Prior to Maika Global, Maria ran Black Iris, serving clients such as Adidas, Landmark Group, and the American College of Dubai. Currently based in Dubai, UAE, Maria served as a judge in the Ro'ya (“vision” in Arabic) female-empowerment competition run by MasterCard and the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), which is part of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.


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⁠In this week's webinar, we discuss innovative methods we can use to gather a complete data set on these attacks, analysis techniques that might be useful in examining this data set and potential recommendations that will arise as a result of the analysis process, and what data is available now and why it's not enough.  We also touch on how you can get involved to help now and what we can do to prepare for the future.