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Digital Covid 19 Credentialing and Contact Tracing While Preserving Privacy 



In our current smartphone era, technology can and should play a role in keeping us safe from Covid-19 in the workplace and the world outside our homes. Indeed, other countries around the world are already widely using mobile technologies to combat Covid.

Yet, in America the standard methods of disease mitigation and containment rely upon peoples’ memories, perceptions of distance, and willingness to engage in awkward and uncomfortable behaviors for the public good.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on the benefits and potential risks of two advanced technologies, the spatial web and blockchain. They enable augmentation of existing approaches to mitigating and containing Covid, as well as entirely new kinds of measures that can increase workplace safety and provide important Covid spread updates we emerge from sheltering in place.

However, authorities and the general public are leery of new technologies due mostly to justifiable concerns about privacy. In this webinar, we examine how privacy can be preserved rather than threatened by the spatial web and blockchain and invite audience participation in this important topic.

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Our Speakers

Arka Bala 

Aman Johar 

Denzil Wessels 

Debby Hindus

Arka Bala is Founder & CEO of ContextGrid - a start-up based in Silicon Valley. ContextGrid has created an open registry for contextual data and holograms in the physical world, browsed using the first Open Augmented Reality based browser for the spatial web. It’s similar to Verisign’s DNS service and Mosaic, the first web browser. He is also helping track and prevent COVID19 with spatial web tech as the CTO of HealthGrid Alliance, and Co Founder and Governing Board Member of the OpenARCloud.org., Arka has 15 years’ experience as an Entrepreneur and Big Data Architect with extensive experience and strong skill set in Big Data and Cloud involving startups, banking, financial services, business intelligence and data warehousing.

⁠Aman has worked with a variety of startups and has been on both sides of the entrepreneur-investor table. With Proteum, Aman is excited about creating digital ecosystems and advising companies in building their capabilities to adapt to a rapidly shifting tech landscape. His areas of interests span connected devices, fintech, and media & entertainment. Currently, Aman is a board member at KeraCel, a 3D battery printing company. Previously, Aman co-founded Applied Protein which was acquired by Pivot Pharma. He holds a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, BHU and an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon where he was named a Swartz Fellow for entrepreneurship. In his spare time, Aman enjoys teaching photography to his kids. 

⁠CEO of the stealth health care start-up, Primary Care 2 You, Denzil Wessels has actively shaped new technology inside of many different organizations, including Zscaler, Aruba Networks, Juniper, Netscreen, Neoteris, and F5. Co-author of “Network Access Control for Dummies”, Denzil invented the Zero Trust methodology and Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP). A competitive dirt bike/auto racer, deep sea cave diver and shipwreck, enthusiast Denzil loves a challenge. This includes building new technology implementations for Zero trust, spanning Cloud Security, NAC (Network Access Control), SSL VPN and Mobile (MDM, Security, and VPN.) 


Debby Hindus is the Executive Co-Director of the HealthGrid Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to “healing the world,” starting with technologies to address Covid safety in the new normal. Also a Venture Partner and Mentor at F50 Elevate, she is a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who specializes in complex new ventures. Debby directed marketing at Zentera, a cybersecurity startup, and previously co-founded Rapport, Inc., an early multiprocessing chip company. She is a strategist and technologist with deep hands-on startup, business and technology research experience. Debby also has taught at Stanford and Harvard, and as Executive Director of Entrepreneurship at Cogswell College, she designed and put in place the college’s first graduate-level program. She holds an M.S. from the MIT Media Lab and a computer science undergraduate degree from U. Michigan.